Our aluminum molding department stocks all styles of RV moldings. Moldings come in white or black. Typical stock length is 16′.

RV Molding Styles Available

  • Corner molding with long leg
  • Corner molding with short leg
  • Flat trim no insert
  • Flat trim with insert
  • Gutter rail
  • Gutter with awning rail
  • Awning rail

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Flat Trims

$ 38.58$ 40.76
Insert flat trim molding for RVs. Typically used on RV roof edges and exterior walls.Available in different colors and lengths.

Insert Gutter with Awning Rail

$ 64.85$ 74.16
Aluminum RV insert gutter with awning rail. Available in multiple colors, sizes and styles.

Corner Mouldings

$ 55.68$ 76.20
Aluminum RV corner moldings come in a variety of colors, styles and lengths. Check the size and profile of your existing moldings to determine the best fit when replacing.